The Best Hack to Prevent Theft that Everyone Misses.

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Signs. They’re all around us. They have one job. To convey information that changes our behavior in a way that improves the safety of our communities. And they do it so well, we take for granted the effectiveness they have. We read them without thinking and instantly understand what they are telling us. Traffic signs like stop signs, caution signs like construction zones, warning signs like “crosswalk ahead” or “Beware of Dog”.

Whether or not you realize it, signs convey information that alters your behavior. And I’ll be damned if it doesn’t work. Every. Single. Time.

Bus stops, school zones, construction zones, you name it. They are everywhere and they really do improve the safety of our communities by changing your behavior.

Neighborhoods do the same thing. They use signs to protect pedestrians and kids by establishing speed zones, and neighborhood watches. They lay out the basic safety rules of the neighborhood.

Many of our neighbors also use these signs to actually promote personal safety and protection of their selves, their belongings, and their homes.

Security Systems. You have to ask yourself: What do I think when I see a sign for a security system or a surveillance system? Does it impact the way you behave? Well, does it?

When I see a sign advertising a security system in a home, or a surveillance system in a convenience store, I always feel like I am being watched. What does it make you think?

According to My Alarm Center, “60% of burglars avoid homes with home security company alarm systems and said if they did encounter an alarm, they would not attack the home.” That’s a pretty astounding affect a sign can have. Imagine, if a simple yard sign can deter 6 out of 10 potential thieves from breaking in, why not do the same thing and use signage to deter people from stealing your construction tools?

Granted, signs aren’t going to stop everyone, but PowerTool SafeTM does help you inform would-be thieves that you are not an easy target, and that you are armed with all the information you need to chase any bastard down that helps themselves to your tools.

Even thieves have a credo.

What’s the first rule of climbing? Don’t fall. What’s the first rule of riding a bicycle? Don’t crash. What’s the first rule of stealing? Don’t get caught.

Thieves look for the easy target. Adding warning signs to your trailers and work trucks lets them know you are not an their ideal target. Odds are good they will pass you up in search of an easier target with a lower risk of getting caught. Adding warning signs is the easiest way to let everyone know you are organized and on top of your tools. They make everyone think twice.

“You walk in, you see a sticker, you’re like, ‘Oh, okay. There’s security here’. You just know that somebody’s watching.  That’s huge.”
  – Allan H. PowerTool SafeTM user

If you aren’t putting warning signs on your work vehicles, then you’re missing one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your equipment and reduce your odds of loss. Super cheap insurance.

PowerTool SafeTM does more than just create tool records. It warns. It informs. As funny as it sounds, add warning signs to your job boxes and trailers, and you’ll instantly get peace of mind knowing you are prepared for anything with a solid plan of action. Just like Allan here, look at the cool confidence and peace of mind you can see in his eyes. He knows he’s prepared for anything. That;s the sign of a real pro.
He put the power of signs to work for him because he refuses to be a victim. He’s fully prepared for anything. Are you?

What do YOU have to lose, except all your tools?

SIGN UP NOW and order stickers from your account. Let them know your tools are off limits.
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