The easiest way to make it hard on thieves.

How many people drive by your work site every day looking for an easy target?
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When I ask builders what their top frustrations are with everything related to tools, their top two responses are:

1 – Keeping tools on their job sites and preventing them from getting stolen

2 – Owning saws that consistently cut boards an inch too short.

But seriously, there is nothing worse than having your tools stolen and finding out the hard way that you don’t have the information everyone needs in order to help you recover your equipment. It’s truly one of the worst feelings ever.

Unfortunately, most builders don’t realize how easy it is to avoid finding themselves in this situation before disaster strikes. Take me, for example…

My job site was robbed 8 years ago, and the thought that someone could steal the tools I rely on every day to make a living; without any consequences made me so mad. Adding insult to injury, I also found out I wasn’t prepared to fight back and catch the Perp because I didn’t keep any records about my tools and I didn’t have any vital information to make it easy for cops or pawn shops to help me get my stuff back and catch the thief.

I stewed on that one for awhile, and then it really hit me. I was the one that made it easy for the thief to steal from me. I was the real problem. School of hard knocks, right?

I lost a few extra days of work. I had to take the time to generate a detailed list of tools. I downloaded images of missing tools, put together descriptions, and spent two days going from pawn shop to pawn shop in a 100 mile radius. Ultimately, I was able to recover about half of my good, and they caught the meth head 140 miles away. THAT felt good – but not good enough to make up for the additional loss of time and extra cash spent replacing the tools I never did find.

Through that experience, I realized that most builders are just like me. I never had a good system that helped me keep records, I didn’t realize how important it is to do, and honestly, I just didn’t think I had the time to spend to organize my equipment.

Most of builders I talk to today repeat these same three reasons and have no clue what they actually have for tools. Believe it or not, but that’s exactly why theft is such a problem. We make it easy for thieves to get away with our goods because we don’t have the records to help others help us out.

Let’s just say it pissed me off enough to do something about it…

A phone is all you need.

Most builders don’t realize how easy it is to keep your tools from getting stolen. In fact, its so easy, its as simple as taking a photo with your phone. A couple photos is all it takes to get the right tools that help you protect ALL your tools.

Shouldn’t it be easier to catch a crook than it is for him to steal your tools?

We think so. That’s why we’ve taken the headache out of tool tracking to save you time and money by cutting your losses, giving you the tools you need and connecting you with the people who can help you the most when you need it the most. Its literally that easy. Photograph your tools and get everything you need to make it hard on thieves from every angle.

How many people drive by your work site every day looking for an easy target?

Quit struggling with theft on your own. We help you connect and share your info with police and pawn shops. Hell, we even help you communicate with crooks instantly warning them that messing with you comes with a much higher risk of getting caught.

Think about it. How many homes have you driven by with signs in the front yard saying “This home protected by ADT”? Why wouldn’t you put that same tactic to work for you?

I often wonder what would have happened to my job trailer if I had warning labels on it.

So what are you going to do about it?

Ah. there it is. The Call to Action. Seriously though, its totally up to you. Do nothing, watch the underworld of the construction industry feast on your equipment in the shadows while you complain about the problem, continue risking the loss your tools, and have no recourse.

Or, get your phone out, photograph your tools, and start cutting your losses today. It’s literally that easy.

The Easiest way to make it hard on thieves.

SIGN UP and we’ll complete your first 5 tool records straight from your photos for FREE.

What do YOU have to lose?

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