Tracking Stolen Power Tools by Serial Number

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Serial Number Database and Registration

Power ToolsThere are several databases and registration platforms available that can help you track and register the serial numbers of your power tools. From the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) maintained by the FBI to power tool manufacturer registration systems, there are many databases and inventory systems available to help increase the chances of identification and recovery if your tools are stolen. 

PowerTool Safe Serial Number Storage and Tracking Services

When you use PowerTool Safe to organize and manage your tools, our cataloging system automatically includes serial numbers to your tool inventory, along with other identifying information.  Our system allows you to assign storage locations to your tools, so you know exactly where each tool in your inventory is supposed to be at all times. 

How Serial Numbers are Used to Track Stolen Power Tools

Serial numbers are unique identifiers assigned to individual power tools by manufacturers. When power tools are stolen and reported to the police, the serial numbers play a crucial role in tracking and recovering the stolen items. Here’s how serial numbers are used in the process:

  • Identifying Stolen Tools: The first step is to report the theft to the police, providing them with detailed information about the stolen power tools, including their make, model, and serial numbers. Serial numbers serve as a specific identifier for each tool, making it easier to distinguish them from similar items.
  • Database Entry: Law enforcement agencies enter the stolen power tool information, including the corresponding serial numbers, into databases like the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) in the United States. These databases are accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide and help them identify stolen property if it is recovered or encountered during investigations.
  • Pawnshop and Secondhand Store Checks: Local pawnshops and secondhand stores regularly check databases like the NCIC to verify the legitimacy of items brought in for sale or pawn. If a stolen power tool with a registered serial number is identified, the authorities can be alerted, and appropriate action can be taken.
  • Online Marketplaces Monitoring: Law enforcement, individuals, and the public can monitor online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, or local buy/sell groups for any listings matching the stolen power tools’ serial numbers. If a stolen tool is identified, the relevant information can be reported to the platform, law enforcement, or both to initiate the recovery process.
  • Manufacturer and Service Center Cooperation: Manufacturers and authorized service centers may assist law enforcement in tracking stolen power tools. They can track the tool’s warranty, repair, or service history using the serial number if it is brought in for maintenance or identified through their systems.
  • Recovery and Identification: If a stolen power tool is located and recovered, law enforcement can match the serial number to the registered theft report. This evidence helps establish the rightful ownership and enables the return of the tool to its owner.

PowerTool Safe Serial Number Registration

The effectiveness of serial numbers in tracking stolen power tools relies on accurate and timely reporting, proper database management, and collaboration between law enforcement, businesses, and the community. It’s recommended to keep a record of the serial numbers of your power tools, along with other important details, to aid in theft reporting and recovery efforts.

You know what can help you keep accurate records and make timely theft reports? PowerTool Safe, of course! We automatically register the serial numbers of all the tools you enter into your inventory, so your records are in perfect order at all times. Our system makes it easy to instantly generate a theft report, so your tools’ serial numbers are quickly added to stolen tool databases and sent to pawn shops and online marketplaces.  When you register your tools with PowerTool Safe, you know your tools are protected and you are ready for anything. 

What to do if your power tools are stolen

If your power tools are stolen, here’s a brief guide on what to do:

  1. Contact the Police: Report the theft to the police immediately. Provide them with a detailed description of the stolen tools, including make, model, and serial numbers. This information will help in identifying and recovering your stolen property.
  1. Notify Insurance Company: If you have insurance coverage for your tools, contact your insurance company and file a theft claim. Provide them with all the necessary details, including the police report number and any supporting documentation they may require.
  1. Check Online Marketplaces: Keep an eye on online marketplaces, auction sites, and classified ads for any listings matching your stolen tools’ descriptions. Thieves often try to sell stolen goods through these platforms. If you come across any suspicious listings, report them to the police and provide them with the relevant information.
  1. Notify Local Pawnshops and Secondhand Stores: Visit or contact local pawnshops, secondhand stores, and tool resellers in your area. Provide them with a list of the stolen tools and their descriptions. Ask them to be on the lookout for anyone attempting to sell the stolen items.
  1. Monitor Stolen Property Databases: Some regions have online databases or services dedicated to reporting and tracking stolen property. Check if there are any such resources available in your area and register the stolen tools with them. This can aid in recovery efforts if the tools are found or sold.

How PowerTool Safe Can Help

If you use PowerTool Safe then all of those things are already done for you. With all of your tools’ serial numbers already registered in your tool inventory, you have everything you need to track your tools by serial number across any stolen tool database out there. And of course, with our instant report generation tool you can notify police, insurance, and pawn shops the moment you realize a tool has gone missing.

With PowerTool Safe, you can rest assured that you have done all you can possibly do to protect your power tools from theft. Our stickers can help identify your tool boxes and storage sheds as secure locations that thieves don’t want to mess with. And with our cataloging service, you’ll have created a complete inventory to help with serial number tracking if anything happens to go missing.

Sign up with PowerTool Safe and start tracking your tools like a pro.

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