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Power tools are valuable assets and are commonly targeted by thieves due to their portability and high resale value. As a result, it is crucial for law enforcement agencies to have the necessary information to effectively track stolen power tools and apprehend the culprits. 

Especially if you have not been a victim of theft before, it might not have occurred to you that one day you might need to file a police report for stolen property. You wouldn’t be alone in this–which is why so many reports that are filed are incomplete. If you want the police to be able to recover your stolen tools, then you need to do work in advance so that you are able to fill out a comprehensive police report. The strength of your police report depends on the information that you are able to offer.

Share This Information With Police Officers

Let’s discuss the key information that police officers need to gather and track when investigating cases of stolen power tools. By understanding the importance of this information, we can work towards improving the chances of recovering stolen power tools and bringing justice to the victims.

Detailed Description of the Stolen Tools

When reporting a stolen power tool, it is important to provide a detailed description of the tool or tools that were stolen. This includes the brand, model, serial number, and any unique identifying marks. The more specific the description, the easier it becomes for law enforcement officers to identify the stolen items if they come across them during routine checks or investigations. Of course, this is when you’ll feel happy that you used PowerTool Safe to compile a complete tool inventory, so that you’ll know exactly what’s missing and be able to complete your theft report with vivid detail. 

Date, Time, and Location of the Theft

Precise information about the date, time, and location of the theft is crucial for law enforcement to establish the circumstances surrounding the crime. This information helps officers determine potential witnesses, review surveillance footage, and identify patterns or trends that could lead to the recovery of stolen tools or the apprehension of suspects. 

Surveillance Footage or Witness Statements

If there are any surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the theft, it is important to obtain the footage as soon as possible. Additionally, witness statements from people who may have seen or heard something related to the crime can provide valuable leads for investigators. Sharing this evidence with law enforcement can significantly aid their efforts in recovering the stolen power tools.

Online Marketplaces and Pawn Shops

Stolen power tools are often sold through online marketplaces or pawn shops. Providing law enforcement with information on where these tools might be sold can greatly assist them in their investigations. If you have any suspicions or come across your stolen tools being sold online, it is vital to share this information with the police immediately. Of course, with PowerTool Safe, you’ll be able to monitor online marketplaces easily to track down stolen items that might be up for resale. 

digital fingerprint

Serial Number Registration

Encouraging power tool owners to register their tools’ serial numbers can be beneficial in the event of a theft. Registered tools have a higher chance of being recovered and returned to their rightful owners. Police officers can then cross-reference the stolen tools against a database of registered serial numbers, increasing the likelihood of identifying and recovering stolen power tools. Obviously, this is what PowerTool Safe is all about–registering your tools for your own management, and to create a record in our database for police to use in case of theft.

Sign Up For Free With PowerTool Safe

Tracking down stolen power tools requires a coordinated effort between law enforcement agencies and the community. By providing detailed descriptions, accurate timelines, and any available evidence, we can enhance the chances of recovering stolen power tools and holding the thieves accountable. 

Luckily for all of us, PowerTool Safe makes registering your tools simple and convenient. Then, if any of your tools are ever stolen you will be prepared to generate instant theft reports replete with detail and make it that much easier for law enforcement to track down your tools and jerk who stole them. And if no thieves ever dare to touch your stuff, you’ll still be breathing easier and stepping livelier every day, knowing that you’re prepared for any eventuality.  There’s truly no down side.

Sign Up For Free with PowerTool Safe, and get started managing and protecting your tools like a pro.

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  1. OK maybe someone can help me with this… I bought Dewalt cordless miter saw and tool set back in 1/5/2022… have rec from Lowes and protection plans for both purchases. Last week got pulled over for dim tail lights..The police officer see tool in the car find out my driver lic was suspened do to child support not known to me ask if they can search my car sure no problem I have nothing to hide…. Next thing i know im in cuffs in the back of the car going to jail….. they are telling me my tools that ive had in my possession since i bought them are stolen…. So I have all my paper work when i bought them how does this happen… and how do i fix this….. Now talked to lowes manager he doesnt know how this can happen because when tools are sold no serial number is recorded on warrenty or even your rec that you get from the store…..

    • Wow! That sounds like a nightmare for sure! Honestly, the biggest problem is that these records (serial numbers) are NOT being recorded and transferred to you when you buy the tool. Imagine how easily that would clear things up and help all builders protect what’s theirs. I sure hope you got everything sorted out!