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PowerTool Safe is a game-changing new system for keeping your tools safe from theft and organized for your benefit. Whether you start with the Free Plan or go straight to the top with the Pro or Enterprise Plan, PowerTool Safe is the easy way to organize, manage, and protect your tools like a pro.

How Does PowerTool Safe Work to Protect My Tools?

It all starts with the power tool serial number.  

Every power tool you own or buy has a unique serial number. When you log your tools in the PowerTool Safe tool database, that serial number is included in the tool record you create. Now ownership of that exact tool is permanently linked to you.

So what does that mean?

It means that if that tool ever grows legs, you can create a police theft report (a process which your PowerTool Safe account will make absurdly easy!) that is replete with information about your stolen property, including each tool’s unique serial number.

That means that when the police find a stash of stolen tools, they can do a tool serial number lookup and instantly identify the property as belonging to you, and return them in a snap.

It also means that when some jerk brings your stolen tools into a pawn shop to make a quick buck, the pawnshop owner can perform their own power tool serial number lookup, and quickly figure out that someone is trying to pull a fast one. 

Plus, any time anyone searches our database using the serial number of a tool you own, you’ll receive an instant notification and be first to know the status of your stolen tools.

Let’s give thieves sticker shock.

You’ve seen how PowerTool Safe helps you to protect and recover your tools in the worst case scenario. But how about preventing that situation from ever coming up?

That’s what we can help you accomplish with our warning label stickers. 

Sometimes the simplest plan really is the best one, and that is certainly the case with our PowerTool Safe warning labels. Just by sticking a simple label on your job box, trailer, or work vehicle, you can let potential thieves know that your tools are protected, and not worth their time to mess with. 

How to Make PowerTool Safe Membership Work For You

The best thing about PowerTool Safe is that it is built to take time consuming tasks off your plate, not give you yet another clunky program or system to figure out and implement. Instead, PowerTool Safe is designed to save you time, energy, and money, so that you can focus on making your business thrive.

All you need to do to get started is decide which PowerTool Safe Membership Plan is the best fit for you.

The Free Plan

If you join with the Free Plan, you will be pleased to find out that it is actually, well, free. We aren’t yanking your chain, pulling your leg, or just straight up lying: to us, free actually means free.

So, for the low low price of absolutely zero dollars, you can use PowerTool Safe to manually enter up to 50 tools into the PowerTool Safe database and sort them into up to 3 locations. That means that in your digital inventory, you can keep track of which tools are stored in your trailer, versus your locker, versus the work truck. 

Once your tools are in the PowerTool Safe database, you’ll have the ability to instantly generate theft reports, insurance reports, and receive notification if your tool serial number is searched.  

While still on the Free Plan, you can choose–and we mean choose, not be pressured or coerced or automatically enrolled– to purchase Catalog Credits. With each credit you decide to buy, you can use our Tool Cataloging System to log a tool, rather than manually entering all of the details yourself.

You can also choose to purchase (or not) as many warning labels as you like– keeping in mind that if you decide to buy catalog credits in bulk, you can get some warning labels thrown in for free.

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is for the discerning professional who uses more than fifty tools in their business and maybe has employees to manage as well.

With the Pro Plan, you can log as many tools as you like, rather than just the fifty that the Free Plan allows. It also removes the location limit, so that if you keep tools in more than just three places across all of your job sites, you can still keep them all digitally managed.  

The real innovation of the Pro Plan is that it also allows you to assign tools to specific employees or team members. With the Pro Plan, you can truly take tool management to the next level and plug all the holes in your tool security system.

Protect Your Tools with PowerTool Safe 

It really couldn’t be any clearer: PowerTool Safe is the best way to manage your tools, keep complete and accurate records, and protect your tools from theft. Our system lets you partner with police and pawn shop owners in keeping stolen tools off the market and instead returning them to their rightful owners. 

The great thing about PowerTool Safe is that there’s literally no downside to giving it a shot with the Free Plan, and then upgrading whenever you want once you realize that it is working for you.  Sign up for free with PowerTool Safe and join the legion of satisfied pros in your local building community.

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