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You came to PowerTool Safe to find the best way to protect your tools and keep your job site rolling. You know that with our powerful tracking tool, you can keep track of your equipment and be prepared for any eventuality. Plus, with our warning stickers, you can let everyone know that you are not a soft target. 

You know that you want to get signed up with a PowerTool Safe Plan, but how can you tell which plan is right for you? Keep reading below and find the plan that best fits your needs.


Free Plan

It’s right there in the name. The Free Plan is free. Period, full stop, forever and ever. 

What You Get

With the Free Plan, you can pay zero dollars and manually enter up to 50 tools into the PowerTool Safe database. That means you can cover up to about 10k worth of equipment, with absolutely no cost to you. 

You can also assign your tools to up to 3 different storage locations.

What it Means

When your tools are logged in the PowerTool Safe database, that means that there is a record of ownership connecting you with the serial numbers of those exact tools that is searchable by anyone with access, including police officers and pawn shop owners.

So next time some punk walks off with your property and tries to pawn it, the local pawn shop owner can find out instantly that this guy isn’t on the up and up. And when the police eventually bust him with a stash of stolen equipment, they can run a tool serial number lookup and find out who to return it to.

Plus, just by searching your tool’s serial number in our database, that police officer or pawn shop owner will have triggered an automatic notification to be sent to you, so that you are the first to know exactly what is going on in the search for your stolen property.

All of this is to say that, with the Free Plan you are getting a heck of a lot of tool protection and recovery for a one hundred percent affordable price!

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan was designed and built by pros, for pros. 

What You Get

The Pro Plan allows you to log an unlimited number of tools in the PowerTool Safe database. It also lets you sort tools into four or more storage locations, and even assign them to individual employees.

What it Means

When you’re a professional in the building community, you don’t want to be hassling around with how to track your 51st tool or limit your ability to manage tools by location. The Pro Plan gives you the freedom you need to manage and protect your growing inventory of tools across your ever expanding number of job sites. 

And let’s talk about location and employee assignments, shall we?

Even with the limited options of the Free Plan, assigning tools to locations is crucial to keeping track of your tools and protecting them from theft. With the increased location allowances in the Pro Plan, plus the ability to assign tools to employees, there’s really nowhere left on your jobsite for tool thieves to hide.

When you start adding storage locations to your PowerTool Safe tool records, it sets the standard for your whole operation. You–and your employees– know where the tools belong, and where they are required to go back to when not in use. Then when you go to the assigned job box for the tool you need and find it isn’t there, you can act fast to report it missing, rather than having to hunt through every locker or trailer searching for something you know you won’t find.

Additionally, when you walk out to the street and see your trailer doors swinging open and only dust and dirt left inside, you won’t have to struggle to remember every last item that you think you left in it last night– you can simply access your PowerTool Safe inventory and file a theft report for all the tools that are assigned to that trailer. 

The power the Pro Plan gives you to assign tools to specific employees takes all of this to the next level. When everyone knows exactly what they are responsible for, and knows that everyone else knows it too, it helps everyone to breathe a little easier. Except for anyone who was maybe planning to accidentally leave their job box unlocked, or let some equipment fall off the back of a truck. The Pro Plan would really mess up their plans, wouldn’t it?

Enterprise Plan

Custom solutions for enterprising customers.

What You Get

The Enterprise Plan ensures that you get unlimited tool registration and the ability to  assign tools to multiple job sites and employees, with service tailored to your unique business needs. 

What it Means

Joining PowerTool Safe with the Enterprise Plan means that you recognize that in this business, one size doesn’t fit all. You aren’t a cookie cutter contractor, so why should you get cookie cutter service from your power tool protection?

When you contact PowerTool Safe for a personalized quote, we can discuss the details of how exactly we can customize our services to best meet your needs.

Put PowerTool Safe Membership to Work for You

Whether you want to jump right into bespoke protection with the Enterprise Plan, find your niche with a Pro Plan membership, or start with the Free Plan and upgrade as you go, join PowerTool Safe now to start managing and protecting your tools like a pro.

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